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In 1987 Giuliana Rosset, a Valle d'Aosta whose family owns the oldest distillery in the region, the Saint-Roch, takes over from some Turin artisans the Green Sport Monte Bianco, a small business of backpacks. It moves the headquarters to the outskirts of Aosta, to Quart, initially starting to produce with fifteen employees backpacks and travel bags and then expand to the field of sportswear in which the bright colors are abandoned. Consulting books and old maps of Northern Europe, the idea of the Napapijri brand is born, a name that derives from an improper diction of napapiiri, a Finnish term meaning polar circle. The Norwegian flag is then sewn in plain sight on the jackets, the logo is in black and white, half positive and half negative, to give the idea of the north and south poles.

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