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Diesel SPA is one of the largest multinationals in Italian fashion. Founded in 1978 by Renzo Rosso, Diesel commercially explodes all over the world with the 1991 "For Successful Living" campaign. The product with which the Italian brand made its way into the best world stores is absolutely jeans, revolutionized and interpreted in the years in a "lux and dirty" key, with washes, wearability, details and unique handmade processes. Many models are sought after by enthusiasts: Sleenker, Thommer, Larkee, Safado, Slandy, Babhila, Zathiny and many others, all associated with the unmistakable detail of the fifth customized Diesel pocket. A lifestyle, a way of thinking, even before a brand, which is why shoes, accessories, clothing, jewelry, watches and all Diesel items are always unique and full of strength. We recommend, especially to those who have never had the opportunity, to try on and possibly live a Diesel jeans.

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